Monday, December 12, 2005

The Eagles have lost their chance to make the playoffs. The team dropped to 5-8 after an overtime loss at home to the New York Giants. The best they could finish at this point is 8-8. This marks the first time the Eagles have not made the playoffs in 5 years. In addition, the team went 0-5 against NFC East teams, one year after going 6-0 in the division.

Eagles safety Brian Dawkins stated, "This week the effort was good and -- blah, blah, blah -- we lost the game. And that's not good enough. We need to win. It's about wins and losses -- that's the bottom line."

For more on the game visit here.


Blogger Dimitrija Georgiev said...

I am particularly happy about this game cause I am a huge Giants fan. It was a close game though and it should not have been. I hope we make it far this year. later

3:44 PM  

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