Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The 49 points were the most they've allowed since Andy Reid became coach in 1999. Denver completely dominated the Eagles and left them with a 3rd place standing in the NFC East as a result of their now 4-3 record. Asked if the ongoing problems are fixable, Jeremiah Trotter states, "They better be...or else we're in big trouble."

Coach Reid attributes the problems to a "coach-player issue" as opposed to an "offtense-defense issue." Although he did not have answers for the media as to why his team is struggling so much, he assured them that the team and organization as a whole will correct the problems. The Eagles are now pushed into a corner. This Sunday's game against Washington will be very telling. The Eagles cannot afford to display another sub-par performance. Instead they need to use the adversity to their advantage and get pumped up - not only get pumped up, but produce the necessary and desired results. I still have faith...


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