Wednesday, September 21, 2005

So they're even...1-1. After the second week of regular season play, the Philadelphia Eagles find themselves with both a loss and a win in the record books. The loss came in their Monday Night Football season-opener against the Atlanta Falcons. McNabb turned the ball over three times, in addition to being sacked twice...not the most notable game performance. Also, Terrell Owens broke his streak of seven consecutive touchdown receptions by not being able to connect with quarterback McNabb. Another surprise, kicker David Akers missed two field goals. The final score of the game was 14-10.
Moving on to the better news...the Eagles made up for the loss in their recent game against the San Francisco 49ers. In this game, quarterback Donovan McNabb threw for a total of four touchdowns in just the first half of the game. Terrell Owens was able to become the 22nd player in NFL history to go over the 10,000-yard career recieving mark with a 42-yard touchdown catch. In addition, TO caught two more touchdowns in the first half of the game.
L.J. Smith displayed a great performance while recording two career-high stats: he led all recievers with 9 receptions and also had 119 receiving yards. Smith also had a touchdown in the game. The final score of that game was 42-3...a blowout by the Eagles.
All for up the Eagles take on the
Oakland Raiders Sunday September 25th at 1:00pm EST. GO BIRDS!!


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