Tuesday, September 06, 2005

ONE team. ONE city. ONE dream. The Philadelphia Eagles will start this year's journey to the Superbowl on September 12, 2005. On the Monday Night Football stage, the team will display all the guts and glory that go along with being arguably one of the best in the NFL. The Eagles, led by quarterback Donovan McNabb, will match up against the Atlanta Falcons, led by quarterback Michael Vick, in the Georgia Dome. Personally, I have become very excited for the start of the season now that all the college football games have begun. Unfortunately, one of my favorite players, Hugh Douglas, won't be playing as a result of recently being waived from the team. Speaking of being released, Andy Hall, former University of Delaware quarterback, is also gone from the Eagles roster. Well, that's all for now...for all of you that want to stay updated with daily news and events about the Eagles, you can find such information here: http://www.philadelphiaeagles.com Enjoy!


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