Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Injuries...injuries...and more injuries. The Eagles situation has only gotten worse after their 23-20 win over the Oakland Raiders this past Sunday, September 25th. Starting Pro Bowl placekicker, David Akers, has a slight tear of his right hamstring and is scheduled to miss at least one game. This injury came after attempting two kickoffs to start the game as a result of penalties - and continuing to kick until sealing the deal for the Eagles victory with the winning field goal. After each kick Akers went down, grimacing in pain. Knowing that Akers is out at least a week, head coach Andy Reid has activated Todd France from the practice squad. In addition to Akers, Donovan McNabb is suffering from various problems including a groin strain, bruised chest, and abdominal strain. Unfortunately, the Eagles don't have time to let Donovan sit and heal and therefore there is little doubt that he will be playing in next Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Other players that have recently succumb to pain and injury include DT Darwin Walker, suffering from a deep thigh contusion, and Terrell Owens also suffering from a strained abdominal muscle.


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